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Our Mission

Rich in soil and history

Growing for three generations, the Singh family is the last remaining pole tomato producer in California. Since 1939, they have tended vine-ripened tomatoes on the same land with the knowledge and expertise that can only come with time. Grown on an idyllic property near the historic Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, the Singh family has a calm, almost spiritual approach to growing their produce. The fresh, salty air and bright sunshine makes it seem like a calling—only with such a deep sense of care and determination can exceptional produce be harvested time and again.

Harry Singh Jr., the master grower, learned from his own father and has passed his passion and expertise down to his children Priya, Sattish, Jehan, Tajma, David and Omar who actively operate the business today.

The Singhs greatly value those who nurture the land and the plants alongside them. Supporting workers by offering higher than average wages and hiring veterans are just a few of the ways their stewardship of land and community is demonstrated. Affectionately growing vine-ripened tomatoes for more than 70 years speaks to their powerful legacy, daily commitment to flavor and quality, and pursuit of excellence into the future.

What We Grow

Legendary field-grown fresh produce

  • Juicy, flavorful and clean slicing, vine-ripened rounds are the versatile tomato perfect for sandwiches, salads and burgers. Like Oceanside Pole Romas, each tomato is shipped to custom standards every time as it is left to reach its peak flavor at its own pace. Considering ripening that will naturally take place as they travel to stores, the tomatoes are hand-picked according to each retailer’s ripeness specifications. Between the microclimate, growing practices, and precise seed selection, the Singh family are resolute in their mission to grow and pick produce the “right way.”

    Delicious Tomato Rounds
  • The Singhs diversified into Brussels sprouts in 2017. Enriching the soil health while the signature vine-ripened tomatoes are not in season, this humble little veggie keeps the Oceanside Pole team employed year-round, and year after year. The foggy salt air permeates the dense, tightly packed leaves, giving them a flavor that only coastal sprouts offer. With its own natural pole that breaks off bright green clean ends, the Singhs have already developed a reputation for wonderfully tasty Brussels sprouts.

  • Earning appreciation for its firm texture and intense flavor, the slender shaped Roma is picked at perfection. With fewer locules, or seed compartments, compared to round tomatoes, a Roma has a low water content that makes its hearty flesh ideal for salsa, sauces or roasted on its own. The Oceanside Pole brand represents excellence and the commitment to growing tomatoes that have been given the time to soak up the warm California sunshine and masterfully ripen on the vine—and it shines through in every tomato they grow.

    Delicious Tomato Rounds

Life at Oceanside

Sun and surf

Nestled between the rolling hills of the San Luis Rey Valley and the nearby Pacific Coast, Oceanside Pole has the perfect microclimate to grow bright and flavorful produce. The invigorating ocean air that graces cool, misty mornings and warm afternoons produces a hearty tomato flavor and the tastiest Brussels sprouts that simply can’t be matched elsewhere. Walking the fields each day of the season, Mr. Singh and his son Priya take pride in personally examining and tending to each plant to ensure it’s picked only when the time is right. Proving again that their dedication, precision and innovation on the land is unmistakable.

The Singh family and their team place over a million poles on the property every spring, so each one can brace a single tomato plant through the season. This system raises the fruit off the ground to improve airflow—and therefore tomato quality—to ripen to their juicy, robust taste, naturally on the vine.

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